Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frankfurt Zoological Society: It's not ALL happening at the zoo

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The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) was originally founded to support Zoo Frankfurt over 150 years ago but has grown far past that purpose alone.  Progressive zoos today focus their energies not merely into entertainment, but also utilize their unique positions to improve the nature's state through research, education, species conservation through both captive breeding and habitat protection, animal welfare, and sustainability.  FZS is among the global leaders within the zoo field through their outstanding work.

Bernhard Grzimek initiated much conservation at FZS when he was appointed the Frankfurt Zoo's director after WW2.  After rebuilding the destroyed zoo, he somehow found some money for conservation work.  Their conservation budget percentage has continued increasing, and now FZS participates through ~70 field conservation projects (including such varied species as vultures, bats, saiga, rhinos, Andean cats, & Serengeti work, especially stopping the proposed road) through Africa, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.  Approximately 96% of their money goes towards funding conservation projects and only ~1% goes towards supporting zoo operations.  A truly impressive conservation contribution.
A journey along FZS conservation areas, from the Andes to the Amazon
Peruse the FZS website & look at the conservation work support.  FZS do extremely important work, and use minimal expense (96% of funding going directly towards projects is an impressively high number; most conservation organizations cannot reach such a high percentage even without also running a zoo).  FZS keep their publicity and employee costs low and hire brilliant and driven people- this is how FZS succeeds so admirably while they spend so little money.  I spent several weeks working around some FZS employees while at the Serengeti and I am extremely impressed regarding their enthusiasm, knowledge, and dedication towards animals and ecosystems there. Do help them: make a donation or join their zoo society- all money will go right back into conservation and will help FZS make a difference.
Conservationists from the ZSL, FZS, and WCS release cheetahs confiscated by a wildlife dealer
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  1. I wonder other zoos are doing the same thing as you guys. I think being a zoo keepers is so cool. Helping animals and promoting their safety and wellness is indeed an act of heroism :)

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Where can I visit Frankfurt Zoo? I was very impressed by its facilities as well as the drive in saving animals. Very heart warming!

    - Esmael

  3. The link to the Frankfurt Zoo at the beginning of the blog will give you all the info you should need for how to get to the zoo if you are in Germany and want to check them out.

  4. Sorry I haven't checked your blog for a while but thanks for the quick response. I will surely visit you guys when I get the chance. More power!